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SND Surfboards is Mossel Bay’s leading Surf Shop offering a full range of services including Surf Board Repair Service, from a Ding to a Crease or a Snap, Sean Newton will have you back in the water in no time.
Unit 17, Block A, Voorbaai Commercial Park Bally Crescent, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay, 6500
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Local shaper Sean started surfing at the age of 13.
He quickly became committed to this all consuming surfing passion.
Surfing dominated his life and as soon as he left the army he bought a panel van loaded it up and moved to Mossel Bay to follow his dream of living to surf.

He always knew though that he wanted to shape boards, he understands the role that shapers play in surfing circles. He wants to create that board that can change a surfer’s life for ever. Some people view the surfboard as just another piece of sporting equipment but Sean believes its a very personal and unique possession.

He moved around the country a bit and then 2001 he decided to broaden his horizons and moved to New Zealand where he started shaping full time. He enjoyed great success there and says he had the privilege of mentoring many young surfers who progressed, competing and winning as far as the ISA World Games.

In 2015 he returned to Mossel Bay to settle and continued the business here.
Since arriving here he has custom shaped in excess of 200 boards for local and overseas surfers. His many years of experience allows him provide his customers with the board that will improve their surfing. He understands the small design adjustments that can give each customer that special board they desire.

SND Surfboards - Mossel Bay | Surf Shop
About Sean Newton
SND Surfboards - Mossel Bay | Surf Shop

Sean Newton